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Let the kids speak!







What We’ll Do…

Produce a four-part TV-special about


Subjects range from past history,
current situations, and the future.

A kids-eye view of how to make
the world a better place


A new kind of partnership is developing between artists, filmmaking professionals, celebrities, and kids.

The FUTURE QUEST idea starts with a multi-faceted 3-year project to produce a four-part TV-special, an Internet training network, and many ancillary products.

We plan to coach the kids, not telling them what to say, but to provide them with prominent people to interview. Industry professionals and celebrities are joining the team as sponsors and coaches to help the kids.

The programs will focus on a variety of how-to subjects, an Interactive Internet network, development of DVDs on program subjects created by kids, and the creation of a newsletter by children to children distributed via the schools.

The Future…
When and Why

  • We are facing tremendous challenges
    that concern the future balance of the environment and the economy.
  • We are taking action
    to help the young people start a grass roots movement to change the status quo.
  • We believe that kids
    have a unique and creative way of seeing things in a new and innovative style.
  • The kids need a platform
    to speak about the issues they face now and their ideas for the future.

The Quest…
We Seek and Find

  • To create a media platform
    for issues and ideas
  • To bring together
    the kids and the experts
  • To learn and teach how
    to make the world a better place
  • To deliver the kids' message(s)
    to the world








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